Inadequate chairs for Diepsloot secondary no 3 learners amidst their final exams.

picture from twitter

Tuesday 01 November 2016

Diepsloot secondary no 3 school learners have been in short of chairs since the beginning of the year. Some of the learners have written their March, June and September examination seated on the floor. According to learners from Diepsloot secondary learners, some of the learners write while they are seated on the floor and without chairs and table.

During June examinations, the acting principal convinced learners to contribute R25 each in order for the school to buy chairs. The entire school contributed R25 each and the school is still running out of chairs, although some of the broken chairs were fixed it was not enough compared to the amount of money contributed according to a grade 11 learner who refused to be mentioned. When approached about reporting the issue to the department of Education the deputy and acting principal is reported to have said he was not a beggar but would rather take an initiative.


Learners tried to strike against the lack of chairs during their trials examinations but the strike was unsuccessful because the principal simply chased the learner’s to go to their classes. While matriculates have started with their final examinations some of the learners in the school still do not have tables and chairs.