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Nyaope boy’s break-in on the rise in Diepsloot


Diepsloot residents live in fear because of a group of  boys who break in at midnight looking for cell phones, TVs, sound systems or money. They know where to switch off the lights, “whenever   lights go off, we know they have a target,” say the residents. In extension 07, the residents are used to it, every midnight the electricity goes off, and the next morning you will hear that a certain family was attacked. Almost every day the electricity switches off at 1 am midnight, only to come back between four and five am in the morning.

“The residents are terrified because if they break in to your house, they often rape the women, or kill somebody”. Said Lebogang Maile When the police are called, they take too long to arrive, by the time they arrive, the criminals are already gone. The police need to patrol at night to emphasize safety on the on both the community and the Nyaope boys, because if they are caught, they never survive.

On Friday another thug was caught trying to break-in at extension 04, according to our source who refused to be mentioned, he was running on top of the roofs because he was terrified the community was going to kill him.  Safety measures need to be taking with special focus on mid- night. Diepsloot Times- the voice of our community.


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