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Riverands Incubation Hub representative Wot-IF trust 67 days of  digital activism:

Riversands Incubation Hub
Riversands Incubation Hub

Riversands incubation hub an Eco-system that enables black business owners who are committed to achieving self-empowerment within the values and codes the Hub embraces, to grow their businesses and achieve independently sustainable success through;

  • World-class premises, communications and logistics infrastructure
  • Increased market access, visibility and networking
  • Business coaching, training and mentoring
  • Access to business support services, including services to constructively deal with business failure where required
  • Following a Business Development Plan designed to achieve sustainable growth and smoothly exit the Hub to continued development and success

To sustain the eco-system anchored by the Hub we will be entrepreneurial in our own approaches and methods:

  • Optimally utilise our physical infrastructure, location within the Commercial Park, geographical position, market access, networks and people
  • Always seek to create the most positive impact with each unit of resource we employ
  • Bring resources controlled by others to bear in support of our mission through well-designed programmes of co-operation and co-opetition
  • Innovate new models to overcome old challenges

Starting with the areas around Riversands, we contribute to transforming South Africa and addressing poverty and its associated social ills by growing productive capacity, economic opportunity and jobs.

The ways in which companies can participate in the Riversands Incubation Hub are many and varied. The nature of the collaboration could be as simple as the investment of enterprise and supplier development (ESD) spend in the Hub by the Partner, entrusting the Hub to allocate it as needed, or with its use prescribed by the Company. In the most complex collaboration, a Partner may be a consumer, funder and provider of resources offered at the Hub. It is this open, opportunity-rich environment and operating framework which will create maximum sustainable economic and social value for all stakeholders.


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