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Diepsloot Entrepreneurs learning from David and Goliath

Diepsloot Entrepreneurs

When starting their businesses many Entrepreneurs are stuck in a Goliath mind-set.  They look at the large companies around them and think they need to have a lot of resources in order to start their business.

In the story of David and Goliath, we see a little shepherd boy destroying a giant by using the resources that he had available to him.  David was used to a slingshot and he had used it to kill the animals that threatened the flock he protected.  David never intended to fight Goliath in hand to hand combat.  He was planning to fight Goliath with the resources he was used to, with a rock and a slingshot (read more about this in David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell).

I see many entrepreneurs who are trapped in the Goliath mind-set, because they believe they do not have any resources.  Rather start thinking about the problems a customer might have and what you have available to you that you can use to solve this.  We call this concept the Minimum Viable Product.  What is the smallest thing that you can create to solve the problems your customer might have.

Entrepreneurs around Diepsloot need to start thinking as David did.  Start by looking around you to see what you can use to solve the problems of others.

About Collective Value Creation

Wybrand is the founder of Collective Value Creation, a company enabling Entrepreneurial and Supplier Development.  He is a regular contributor to Transformation Magazine South Africa and is passionate about entrepreneurial development in South Africa.  Collective Value Creation assists Entrepreneurs through business coaching to grow and develop their businesses. For more information on Collective Value Creation you can go to www.collectivevaluecreation.co.za.


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